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GREEN LINES SHIPPING offers airfreight services through its global network of offices. By partnering with leading carriers, GREEN LINES SHIPPING ensures that customer’s cargo needs are met through a variety of solutions including fixed schedules on our daily flights, consolidation services in our own facilities and the creation of specialized solutions based on customer's unique requirements. Throughout the entire process, global compliance and security requirements are met at all times.



GREEN LINES SHIPPING provides flexible and integrated ocean freight services. Through a single point of contact, we provide full container load services, door-to-door or port-to-port basis. From almost any origin or destination we provide streamlined freight forwarding to book your cargo, arrange for pickup and delivery and manage the shipping documentation.

Our carrier relationships enable us to offer the right services at competitive rates while our expertise and seamless global networks help reduce your administrative burden.



In today's environment, a growing number of companies have short product life cycles and maintain low stock levels. As such, this has resulted in the need for frequent small sized orders.
Our less-than-container-load (LCL) service brings economies of scale, and the cost benefits of full container load (FCL) shipments, to shippers of LCL cargo. LCL keeps goods moving in your supply chain. With GREEN LINES SHIPPING your shipments can be sent as soon as they are ready rather than waiting until you have a full container quantity.



Transportation carriers are often responsible only for their legal liability for damage caused to your cargo, which may not be equal to the full value of your cargo, and in many cases, such as acts of god, may not be liable for the damage for the loss or damage at all. Even in the case your cargo was not damaged and discharged successfully at your destination, you may still need to pay for the loss of others under the “General Average” concept.
With GREEN LINES SHIPPING cargo insurance, our customers know their goods are in the safest hands.

Based on international standards and tailored extension clauses GREEN LINES SHIPPING offers you the opportunity to fully secure your cargo during transportation. We are able to offer marine cargo insurance on almost all types of commodities including bulk interests and hazardous cargo.

GREEN LINES SHIPPING has teamed up with a leading global insurance broker and internationally acclaimed and financially strong A-rated insurance companies to ensure this service to its customers worldwide.

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